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As a Professional Copywriter for a range of print advertisements to Editor of Business and Management books; developing a child's mind was the closest. With the backing of educational degree in Creative Writing, Advertising and PR and Masters in Literature; the procurement of extensive knowledge is rightly merged to create a fledgling writer. Above all, the experience of teaching a mass number of students year after year is unparalleled.
Past Achievements: Out of 70 preliminary winners; three trained students were awarded with a title of Young Journalist and one of them was rewarded with a prize to be a part of a Literary Fest. Moreover, an intermediate student's story was published in a book; and similarly many more commendable achievements is laid down as an example.
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Creative Writing Professional Class : Tender Minds are developed to make the child think out-of-the-box. Extensive Poem Writing is taught to make their ideas dance on the wings of the expression. Free writing is implemented to develop writing styles. A well-structured essay and meaningful story is taught outrageously.

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