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The program has been designed by award winning children's authors and writers. Many of the students have got their work published in acclaimed American children’s magazine “Highlights’ and Indian children’s newspaper ‘RobinAge’.
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THE WRITER’S BUG is a young organization that aims to equip children with creative, literary & life skills. The programs are designed by well known children’s authors, illustrators, creative artists and life skills trainers.

We run two major initiatives to celebrate & promote creativity in children:

THE JUNIOR WRITER’S BUG FESTIVAL FOR CHILDREN - The literary festival is an exclusive festival for children in Mumbai bringing people from the world of literature & children together.

YOUNG SPARKS – a student mentoring program. This is the world’s first student mentoring program which has been initiated by The Writer’s Bug that aims to identify and groom talented children in the field of creative writing & illustration. These children will get an opportunity to get mentored by published writers and illustrators and also to get their work published.

The Writer's Bug is lead by Richa & Priya 




Creative writing program

Let your children dig into their well of imagination to build original plots, conjure interesting characters, write crackling dialogue, play with words…create their own fascinating story! And lo! Along the way they will also have learnt new words, picked up finer points of grammar, practised how to structure a written piece and explored various genres of writing – fiction, poetry and non-fiction!

Why creative writing for kids?

LANGUAGE SKILLS: This is a basic skill required for expressing any idea. Creative writing provides a fun way of re-inforcing and strengthening kid’s language skills. Using interesting games, activities children will learn the rules of writing.

IMAGINATION: It allows children to think freely about their ideas. Children become more observant about their surroundings and aware of different perspectives. A variety of group and individual activities involving movement and role-play help the children to open the boundaries of their imagination hence giving a freer flow to their writing.

COMMUNCIATION: They learn to structure their ideas keeping the target reader in mind. Children will learn different forms of writing and practise packaging their ideas effectively in any form of communication.

CONFIDENCE: They are not reined in by “right” or “wrong” in their writing in the context of imagination and content. This gives them the confidence to express their unique perspective through writing.

READING: They get wide exposure to books and learn to absorb more while reading through activities like review writing.


Age Group: 8 to 12 years

Day: Saturday, Time: 12 to 1.30 pm, Venue: Chembur


Creative art & illustration

Come and express your inherent creativity through the world of strokes and colours. Get introduced to the works of the great masters like Picasso, Dali and Raza while working with different mediums and styles. Give free rein to your imagination and discover your own individual art style.

Few of the genres that children will get exposed are:

Surrealism and Dali - Salvador Dali was a Spanish artist who went beyond normal depictions of anything he wished to share. Fantastical creatures, melting clocks and frozen time, all merging together to create forms of the human body and beautiful faces. We shall attempt to emulate his work by jumping into the deep end of our own imaginations and serious ideas. Cubism and Picasso - Cubism was devised by Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter who realised that merely capturing the likeness of a figure, portrait, a scene or a still life set-up was not telling the true story of that particular thing. He chose to break up the image, as though exploded from within, to showcase using colour, form and texture, the true nature of that thing. What we'll be doing with Cubism is understanding this process, and creating wonderful pieces of art that go beyond the normal. Abstraction - Abstract art was born from the brush of Kandinsky, a Russian painter whose bright, Fauvist palette and love for music took over the need to describe things in their most obvious sense. We shall follow in his footsteps, as with Miro, to create abstract pieces that tell the story of who we are, and what affects us. Abstract Expressionism - or Ab Ex for short, is also known as Action Painting, and is a product of a group of great American painters, who felt the need to create their own painterly identity, while at the same time trying to express their emotions and stories in a way far different from those seen around the world. Pollock's drips, de Kooning's massive layering and construction of form with force and Rothko's massive bodies of colour each have an astounding effect on the viewer, and we shall attempt to recreate these effects at a smaller scale from within ourselves.


Creativity: Children are attracted naturally to Visuals. That is the reason why the picture books are a favourite with children. This program is designed to give children the freedom to express themselves creatively without any boundaries. Imagination: Children will realise that there are no Do’s and Don’ts to one’s imagination. And exposure to different artists shows children about the beauty of visual expression and how same objects can be expressed in one’s own style. Focus: Visual art has a calming effect on children. It allows them to focus on task at hand and go with the flow. Confidence: Every individual has a unique perspective and sense of their world. Creative art allows them to feel confident about that uniqueness and also appreciative of an alternate view. Innovation: When children are allowed to break boundaries and take risks with their creative art, they learn a sense of innovation which is an important life lesson

Age Group: 6 to 9 years

Saturday: 10 to 11.30 am, Venue - Chembur


TALE-SPIN - The moment when time stops and the heart skips a beat waiting in anticipation of ‘what will happen next?’, is what decides a good storyteller. Let the young ones enjoy the stories coming out of the magic box of our storyteller. She will bring the stories alive with music, movement, games and activities and will draw the children out to tell stories in their own unique way.

Age Group: 4 to 7 years

Monday: 4 to 5 pm, Venue - Chembur

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EuroKids, A1, Arihant Villa, road no. 15, Chembur East Near HDFC Bank MH IN   Chembur  
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