A Story of Pinocchio & The Blue Fairy

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This story is based on a boy named Pinocchio who is made out of wood by a toy maker named Geppetto.

One day Geppetto makes a puppet and wishes for it to be a real boy.

The blue fairy, also known as the wish fairy, fulfills his wish and turns the wooden boy into a real one.

However, Pinocchio's heart is still made of wood and will remain that way till he proves himself to be an honest, kind and good boy. In the event that he is disobedient or he tells a lie, his nose will keep on growing until he realizes his mistake. As Pinocchio steps out of his house, he is misguided and manipulated by shrewd and cunning people and thus gets into trouble and faces problems such as his growing nose, turning into a donkey, getting robbed and also being swallowed by a whale.

What happens to Pinocchio? Will he prove to be a good boy? Will he die with a long growing nose?

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