Kids and the Science Centre

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Age Group
5 to 10
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Last Date of Registration
10:15 AM - 12:30 PM
Rs 1000

Experiential tour to the Nehru Science Centre - India's largest Interactive science center. This is a FULLY GUIDED TOUR BY EXPERTS OF THE MUSEUM.

Kids will explore the magic of mirrors at the Mirror Exhibitand have lots of fun!

·        The mirror gallery has a total of 42 installations wherein we will have an expert explaining the various aspects of mirrors and how their arrangement can create an illusion.

·        Introduction to the different kinds of mirrors

·        Interest and curiosity with regard to mirrors, how do they work !!!

·        See fascinating exhibits like the infinite train (a coach of a toy train sandwiched between two mirrors gives the viewer the image of an infinite train),the changing image exhibit, giving the viewer his changing images, floating image, curving tunnel, giant hall, vanishing image, erase the figure, you and me, ghost walk, fun mirrors, multiple reflections, half you and half me, dine with yourself, the mirror maze.

We will also explore the Pre Historic Life Gallery, wherein the kids can:

·        See 35 species of life forms of different ages such as Trilobites, Giant Scorpions, early birds, gigantic dinosaurs and other living creatures up to Neanderthal man.

·        These have been presented in the gallery with artificially created matching ambience and special light and sound effects.

·        Explore the gallery with massive installations of pre-historic animals. Life-like and in their real sizes.

·        Understand the Evolution Process – The Story of Life.

We will conclude the visit with Fun Science Experiments that will make their visit memorable.

Date: 22nd October, 2016
Timings : 10.15am to 12.30pm
Venue: Nehru Science Centre
Dr E moses Rd
Worli, Mumbai- 400018
Fees:  Rs.1000/-
This is a Drop Off Event. Parents can drop off their kids at Joggers Park Entrance (extra charge of 250pp)

For registrations call :

Meenal: 9820082725 / Seema: 9892287431 / Gloria 9820437451

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DR E Moses Rd Worli
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