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If there is one desire that virtually all parents share, it is a wish to raise a good child. But ask any parent to define “good” and you will get a dozen different answers. One parent cares strongly about good manners, honesty and politeness. Another will cite school achievement, marks, career as being of great importance. A third parent might quote, “Being attentive in class”, “Not to make silly mistakes in maths”. But in truth, everything is required for the holistic development of the child.

Developmental phase brings changes in a child’s behaviour which in turn makes parent and child communication a difficult task.

We at Young Achievers, make an attempt to bridge this gap between parent and children.

Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence analysis( DMIT ) is a scientific study of fingerprints This assessment system analyses the distribution of braincells and allocation of cerebral function in the child t provide relevant statistical report of individuals innate intelligence and hence allows development of the child in realm of Dominant intelligence. This can help parents understand the communication and learning style of the child and improve weakness during learning process The aim of this test is to help understand your child and get a good start from the very beginning.

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