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At CosmiKids™ we believe there is more to education than the academic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Also instead of using traditional teaching methods we use our proprietary teaching methodology “Resonant Learning Approach™ “ which redefines the role of a teacher from a mere possessor of information to to a facilitator and a guide for the learner.We provide activities like Yoga for Kids – Helping children to become compassionate and knowledgeable about their world – as they remember to love themselves and their animal friends.Here children also learn the fundamentals of puppetry through engaging workshops involving sculpting, painting, costuming, mechanics of assembly, voice and scripting.Learning through play is fundamental to our children’s education, helping them to develop the necessary skills in life. Puppets can stimulate children’s imagination, encourage creative play and discovery and are a wonderful interactive way to introduce narrative to even the most reluctant reader.In addition, hand puppets with workable mouths and tongues are an excellent motivational resource to inspire the teaching of phonics within literacy.We also provide learning Through games, songs, activities and self-reflective questions, children are encouraged to feel, express and honor all of their emotions.Process art emphasizes the “process” of making art rather than any predetermined composition or plan. The concepts of change, improvisation, and the use of non-traditional materials such earth, water, wax, felt, and latex are important to this type of art.In an environment that is clean, vibrant and positive, amongst caregivers that are affectionate, we provide creative and warm care for your child.At Cosmikids, your child is cared for and nurtured with love.

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Kidsology Educare Private Ltd , Guru Nanak Niwas, Ground Floor , Plot No. 25, 17th Road, North Avenue, Santacruz West MH IN - 400054   Santacruz West  
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