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1.50 to 5
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Skill Based Curriculum
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Outdoor Play Area
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Mon to Fri: Batch 1 (9AM-12PM); Batch 2 (12PM-3PM)
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Can you teach a fish to climb a tree? Or force a tortoise out of its shell?

At Wunderbar Kids, we understand that each child has unique interests, abilities and strengths.

We start our journey by understanding each child as an individual.


Firstly, our teachers speak to you – the parents – to understand your child’s behaviour, likes and interests because you know your child the best. Then, we actually become a part of the child’s world. We don’t just teach on a blackboard…we sit on the floor with them, eat with them, hug them and sing to them to see the world through their eyes.


Whether a child is confident or shy; prefers art, playing or music; we at Wunderbar Kids will personalize our curriculum to suit each child. So if Neha likes to sing, she will learn through rhymes, and Raj who loves to dance, will be taught through action songs… and Aditya, who might be a little shy, will learn to be confident! In this way, learning at Wunderbar Kids goes beyond a teaching a class, and becomes focused on each child’s learning.


We always involve you to make sure that, together, we're on the right path for your child. We don’t just give you a report card on your child’s marks, we give you a Development Diary that will tell you how your child interacts with friends, recognizes objects, is developing physically, and much more. This diary is also your space, and you can contribute to it, so that we can take your child on their unique journey… together.  So at Wunderbar Kids, let’s  celebrate your child’s uniqueness together. 




Playgroup (1.5 yrs to 3 yrs):


In play group we facilitate the smooth transition of our little ones from home to school without their mommies! This programme is particularly designed to foster the natural growth of children both physical and emotional through innovative and child centric methods.

Nursery (3 yrs to 4 yrs): 

 In nursery we create an enriching environment to lay the foundation for successful academic learning and holistic development of our children. We support curiosity and encourage children to explore their world while ensuring their safety and security. We understand that each child develops at his/her own pace and allow this to happen by making our learning personalized.

Lower KG (4 yrs to 5 yrs)

In this programme we introduce our children to a more structured academic day based on the curriculum and our methodology. We facilitate the children to learn more practical skills and gradually start exploring the community around and become independent little adults!

Upper KG (5 yrs to 6 yrs)

This programme is specially designed to prepare our children for the big transition to primary school.Children will develop social, emotional, physical, linguistic and intellectual skills to take that big leap.

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