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Our Mission: Our mission is: • To make Children live a healthy lifestyle • To develop interest towards sports and fitness from their early childhood • To enhance their Gross Motor Skills, Body Balancing and Coordination • To Improve Posture and Flexibility • To Improve their Concentration • To Motivate and Educate them about the Importance of Exercise and Regular Physical Activity (Games and Sports). As per American college of sport medicine and fitness science recommendations, Children`s health and Fitness programmers need to focus on the following three aspects: • Aerobic endurance, • Muscular strength and • Bone loading activities. Our fun loving sessions will confer favorable training adaptations in children, resulting in benefits to cardiovascular, metabolic and skeletal health. Our mission is to develop and implements plans for children in order to lessen the amount of time spent in sedentary activities, while simultaneously increasing activities that encourage physical activities lifelong Our very specialized warm-up and cool down makes us the most unique, scientifically correct and a very innovative exercise planner in the world of kids. We make our children to love and enjoy the exercise by doing funny actions like jumping to touch the sky, hopping to rob fruits, shaking their body to make candies, holding their body weight like a huge mountain etc making them more participative and excited to do more and more. We use colorful and age appropriate quality equipments which is safe and easy to handle, avoiding all the possibilities of risk of injuries as we emphasize an utmost importance on child safety. We also give importance to learning, by making them identify different colors, size and shape to feeling textures through our multiple sports and Fun N Fitness activities PARACHUTE SCOOPING FISHING BOWLING POOL NOODLES 7 STONES HOPSCOTCH HOT POTATO FRISBEE GIANT HUNT DOG & D BONE ANGRY BIRDS JUMP BALL DYNABANDS ANIMAL YOGA AEROBIC DANCE TUG OF WAR LONG JUMP AGILITY LADDER KETTLE BELL TARGET GAMES FUN RACES PHYSICAL STRENGTH TRAINING OBSTACLES TRAINING FOOT CONE DRILL Football Basket ball Dodge ball Volley ball Rugby Hockey Cricket Golf Lawn Tennis Our Programme as per toddlers age 2.5 to 3.5 : At this age a child is ready to learn. So we introduce our fun filled activity by creating stories, making imaginations, bringing colorful equipments to them. And also help and guide them to complete the activity. 3.5 to 4.5 : At this age a child is ready to learn and play. As they are very energetic and excited, we plan our each class with new activities to add more flavors to their interest. 4.5 to 5.5 : At this age the child is ready to learn, play and understand. Therefore, we give importance to teach correct form and techniques of exercise, and rules and regulations of games. So that when they enter their school they are ready. Coaches Our coaches are highly trained and experienced. They all come from a sports, fitness and medical background and also possess first aid and CPR certification. We truly believe in recruiting best talent who understand and love children and at the same time can also help them overcome their small-small obstacles to achieve their tiny yet significant goals. We also conduct staff physical training periodically to keep our trainers fit and ready to handle emergencies. Assessment Our fitness assessment program helps and guides individual to strengthen their child`s weak area and take their strong area to the next advanced level. We provide a report card about the child’s mental and physical development. Other Offerings We also undertake - summer camps, school events, personal group coaching and cater to clubs, hospital, residential complexes to give our specialized training. Contact us at 8108746938

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