An open letter to all mothers whose students are giving boards. 
|   Mar 15, 2017
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An open letter to all mothers whose students are giving boards. 

Dear Aunties, 

I understand you wish he is placed in a good engineering college. I know she must be invited by the best medical colleges but please understand what I have to say. 

Don't stress them too much. It won't improve the situation, but distort it more. My friends have a life. I am not saying set them free, but let them relax a little. 

Leave one hour for them everyday after they finish studying . It depends what they wish to do in that much of time, but I suggest that you send them to exercise in open air. Tell uncle to play badminton with them, or make them run. It increases the happy hormone production and sets their mood to study. Also, their self esteem increases as they feel burnt calories. 

With that, their minds will be freshened and they can work better. Also, their fitness will improve. So, no body cramps that hurt and  make focusing on studies difficult. 

Everyone feels better while doing an activity. Shahrukh Khan in Dear Zindagi also encourages Alia Bhatt to be more creative to overcome her angst. I also feel comfortable after writing, my prime hobby. So yes, let them pursue their hobbies to concentrate on studies. This also, is as good as exercising. But exercise is important still. 

Often, youngsters gain weight during boards, so maintain their diet, else they can be obesity targets. Give them a rich fruit, protein and water supply. 

Encourage fitness please. Tell them it is for their good. To sum it up, fitness=healthy life=focus=good results. Also, I know my friends. They will make their parents proud. 

After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dumb girl. No, it is not a waste of time, I tell you, it is beneficial. 

By the way, how many parents have pledged to #ReleaseThePressure? Be like Nike and Just Do It. 


Ananyaa Mishra

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