A greater love
|   Apr 07, 2016
A greater love

I married the person I loved deeply and wholly. The relationship turned out to be an abusive one. I was abused mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, verbally. I loved him so much that I chewed it all up and managed to even smile! My world , my thoughts all revolved only around him.

I have left him and no longer in relationship with him. He had hurt me beyond all possible realms. But do I hate him? No. 

The feeling of love just cant get converted into hate! If somebody says they hate someone they previously were in love with, they are either lying or the earlier feeling was never love. Because it violates the very essence of love: forgiveness. You cant forgive and hate at the same time. When you forgive someone, there wont be hate in it.

That being said, am I with him anymore? No. I realised that you need to love yourself before loving anybody else. Like in any relationship, love always comes with some responsibilities. Responsibility to care, to nurture, to bring joy, to wipe away the tears, to never let down, to always standby and to never let them get hurt.

This sense of love to self has made me vow to fulfil all those responsibilities towards myself. I am on a path to preserve myself and not on a path to hate anyone. I forgive him. I even wish him well. The love towards him has not got converted to hate. It's just that I have found a greater love to myself and owe that greater responsibility towards myself.

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