Essential Baby Health Care Tips for Winters
|   Jan 17, 2017
Essential Baby Health Care Tips for Winters

When the hot and humid months leave, winter brings along some respite from heat along with its challenges like trying to keep the body warm or seasonal colds. Babies should especially be taken care of during the winter months. Here are some tips to care for your baby during the winter, and what can be done to protect him or her from seasonal illness.

Keeping the baby warm bath time in winter

Before starting the baby’s bath, make sure that the room is warm. Using a room heater for the same can be a good idea. Also, keep everything ready that you will need for your baby’s bath before you start. The bath should short, only 5 to 10 minutes. Use warm water instead of hot water.

As winter months are cold, you can make your baby bath only few times a week, instead of every day. The baby soap or cleanser should be mild enough for baby’s very, very gentle skin. The folds of baby’s neck area should also be cleaned regularly.

Kind of clothes to be used during winter

Although winters are a time for warm clothing but as a parent, you need to ensure that the clothes should not be irritating to baby extra soft and delicate skin. If the weather is extremely cold, it would be best to dress your baby in layers.

You can make him or her wear full-sleeved inner under a thelong-sleeved baby suit. Also keeping baby’s body covered with the cap, mittens, and booties, keeps them warmer and protected from common diseases of winter months.

Massaging baby in winter

While massaging your baby in winters, it would be good if you keep the room warm. This makes massaging enjoyable as well as beneficial for your baby as well as you. Massaging improves circulation and helps build immunity as well. Warm up your hands before you start massaging so that baby does not feel cold when you touch him or her. At the same time, make sure that the oil you use is not too hot as it can burn your baby’s skin.


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