21 LETTERS TO MY SONS!! ... The 2nd Letter!
|   Jul 30, 2015
21 LETTERS TO MY SONS!! ... The 2nd Letter!

29th July 2015

My Dear Boys,

Here comes my 2nd letter to you both. I was overwhelmed by your response to my 1st letter. Surya, you were more excited about your picture appearing on the website. However, you read my blog and thanked me. You are most welcome dear baby. You, Shakti, my younger baby and therefore, the pampered boy of the house, you actually started crying because you thought the letter was very sweet and touching and that I was leaving you. Now, I did not expect that reaction at all. Very reassuring that you still want me around. So, this gave me the courage to write you, my 2nd letter. We left off when you were 5 years old. Well, by now you had joined a big school that was almost 10 kms from our house. You had to travel by the school bus all that way to school. You boys were only 4 years old.  I was a worried mother.  I had all kinds of questions in my mind. What is the bus route? What if the driver was rash in his driving? Will my kids sit properly in the bus? Will they be bullied? Your grandfather, my father came up with an idea. For 2 days, we followed your bus from our house till your school in our car. Stopping at every stop, making sure, we did not miss the bus, making sure, you boys were safe. Please, oh please don't think your mom is uncool. I thought that was a super cool thing to do as the conductor of the bus kept giving me a rude stare all the way. You boys started to write, the sleeping lines and the slanting lines and for every mother, those first pages are so precious. It was official now! You were part of the big world! You will be educated; you will have to prove yourself every single day from here on, you will be reminded by me that you better get your grades going from the beginning. But that's not what I told you when you stepped into 1st Grade. You were 6 years old; you had started attending a full day of school. I remember putting on your uniform and fixing your tie. I applied the auspicious Vibuthi on your forehead, kissed you on your cheeks and told you to repeat after me, ‚ÄúThank you God for Everything. Those who don't have food, give them food, those who don't have shelter, give them a home." You repeated those words in your cute baby voices and till today, you boys never leave the house without saying those words. Thank you for believing in what I have been teaching you and following it on your own. I also told you something that I believed was important for you to know. It was the day, Surya came back from school with bite marks on his face. I was very upset when he told me that a little boy from his class had done that to him. Off I marched to school the very next day, confronting the teacher for not monitoring her kids properly. I made a big mistake of doing that in front of my son. Surya asked me later, "Mummy, you have taught me to respect our teachers, then why did you shout at my teacher today?" I was taken aback at how our kids follow what you teach them and also react to the way you behave in your everyday life. I apologized to you immediately. You were right Surya. I had forgotten my manners and there is nothing wrong in accepting that and apologizing even if it is to someone younger to you, like your son.


We parents realize and know very clearly that these initial years of our children are the most important as that is when we mould them to be the person, we want them to be, hoping that they will be. Also, because my boys,as you grow older, there are less chances of you listening to me. On that wise note, I end my second letter. Hoping to share more interesting events from your childhood and please don't mind the little preachings in between. Come on, You owe me that. I am after all YOUR MOM!

Yours Forever


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