21 LETTERS TO MY SONS! The 3rd Letter
|   Aug 10, 2015
21 LETTERS TO MY SONS! The 3rd Letter

10th August 2015

Hi Boys,

The three of us have been busy studying for your exams this past week, so I could not find time to write to you. This is my 3rd letter to you. You boys were in 2nd grade when we shifted to a different city. For the 1st time, we were away from our extended family of uncles, aunts, grandparents. It was your daddy, me and you guys, just the 4 of us. New place, new city, new home, new friends, new school. I was worried if you guys will adjust to this new  world. To my surprise and relief, you blended in beautifully. That's when I realized, kids always adjust. It is us adults who have problems accepting change in our lives. You were 7 years old by now. This meant, putting you in classes. All kinds of classes. That's what we parents do. The moment, our kid is 6+ age, we can't wait for them to learn everything. They have to know swimming, skating, karate, dance, music and the list goes on. And then, there is the pressure of studies and evaluation. Just 7 years into this world and you had a bio-data of a 20 year old. You knew everything! All Thanks to your competing parent. Me!! But Frankly, I did not travel to the extreme end of 'Crazy Parent-ness'! I just came up with that term. I made sure; you learned some important skills like Swimming, Skating and one Performing Art. That's not bad, no? I do wish to apologize to you boys for initially pushing you to these classes much against your wishes in some case. But like we all parents say this famous line handed over by our fore-parents," Whatever we say or do, is always for your own good Beta!" I never understood why, we parents are in a hurry for our little ones to do everything on their own even before they can read or write. Where has the joy of feeding them, while they spit the food back into your hands gone, putting them to sleep on your shoulders while walking back and forth gone. Your back would hurt, but when you feel the breadth of your kid near your ears as he falls asleep, his heartbeat against your chest, those moments will be soon gone and you would want to hold on to those feelings. I was in no hurry whatsoever for your boys to eat and sleep on your own. Because those heartbeats, your burps, your tantrums, your spilling, are going to live within me forever. I am so lucky and blessed that I experienced all that at the cost of not allowing you to be independent by the age of 4.

On that self confessional note, I end my 3rd letter that was short and sweet because your exams are round the corner. This letter actually sweethearts is more for parents like me who wish to make silent confessions to their children. Expect my next letter after a week, when you will be free to read it.

Yours forever


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