Kids & their Media Habits!!
|   Jul 30, 2015
Kids & their Media Habits!!

We, parents, are often worried about what our kids are watching on TV, what are they surfing on the Internet? Whom are they befriending on Social Media? Are they sharing too many photos and information about themselves on Facebook and so on...? How are you going to end these concerns? Are you going to disconnect your TV and make sure your toddler is not watching TV, ban your kids from using the internet or ground your teenagers for having face book accounts? You cannot obviously do that. You cannot control their exposure to the latest in technology and communication with the outside world. What you can do, is be part of their experience, be part of their interactions with the outside world filled with strangers. You can control their Media Habits without actually controlling it. Want to know how? Wait for my new blog titled, “Kids & their Media Habits.”

Being a Media professional for more than 15 years, I have created over 50 hours of programming for kids & youngsters on Television. I have always myself that question, will I let my kids watch this on TV? Today, there is the overwhelming outburst of Social Media that no one escapes, including our kids. In this blog, I will share my insight into what the kids watch, read and share? How, I think, we can induce certain social responsibility in them as we let them be part of this Media experience, yet controlling what they are exposed to. Happy reading my new blog, "Kids & their Media Habits!!

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