A Road Trip to Remember!!!
|   Jun 04, 2017
A Road Trip to Remember!!!

Last week of March 2017, I with my husband and 1 yr old daughter went for a road trip to shimla for 3 days and 2 nights. It was our first road trip with our daughter.

I learned alot from this trip. It was the trip to remember as my daughter was in senses amd much aware of her act. We had one night stay in Parmanoo. our room was very spacious. As soon as we reach in our room, she was so overwhelmed with the surrounding that she started dancing, jumping, running actuly everything that u can imagine from 1 yr ol baby with so much excitement amd enthusiasm. She enjoyed in pool and afterwards want to have bathe in tub.

I carried cerelac for baby, Some home made rice and sabudana papad, some fresh fruits and biscuits. My daughter that time liked aloo prantha and curd very much. So we always tried to grab 1 parantha whenever we can. On whole trip she was very comfortable. We did not make frequent stop during the trip as it will effect Her and disturb her during sleep. The cool breeeze at so much height was so pure and fresh, gives energy.

Things u must carry on such trip like stroller, baby sheets, quilt, pillow, toys, one extra pair of jacket, shoes, bat ball.Especially dont try to change their routine as per your comfort on these trip. Keep all baby medicines handy with the prescription. As there are many instance you did not get same medicienes from local chemist.

Trips like this help in family bonding, more. I will say never leave your baby behind at home to have some fun. They learn what they see. They learn how to socialise, how to behave in public. Baby learns from their parents. Baby also love vacations as much as we do.

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