Stretch Marks Ache hai...
|   Jun 06, 2017
Stretch Marks Ache hai...

After a baby, most ladies faces the problem of stretch Marks. They start hating their bodies. They always thought of getting back to that stretch free body and no love handle.

I always thought why??? But when I had a conversation with my loving husband, he ended up explaining me why he thought stretch marks were beautiful. They are the sign of being aWoman. They are the result of the great love, care, support a mother has, that she would scar her own body to bring a child to life. The pain she has to bear and so on and on. Later that night I realised, he was right.

I have the ability to change to evolve.'Being a mom is a worth every stretch mark, wrinkle and sleepless night.' I had hated myself for the very reason he loved me. My body wasn't ruined, it had transformed from a free teenage, selfish girl to responsible selfless mother's body and the scars are responsible of this transition.A daily reminder I am a mother, I can fight anything. Scars are the roadmap of what my body had gone through.

Always remember ' Your body is not ruined. You are a tigress who has earned her stripes' Always feel beautiful.

Now every morning, I look at my stretch marks and i feel proud. I felt love. The love from my husband and the love of my daughter , a blessing from God. It felt, my daughter had been nurtured and lived behind them safely for 9 months.

Now I love myself, my body and it totally boost my confidence. It actully does not matter what u look like it matter how the person u are! Whn my baby growns they will never remember mu stretch marks or anything. What the never forget is mmu moral that i pass to them, the love, the care, the willingness to fight whole world for them, to stamd with them in their bad times.

P.S: I began to treat myself better, i wanted to eat healthy, to be fit. I wanted to do all those things which were hidden behind stretch marks and scars. I want to live happily for me and my family. And dont just want to live.

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