3cs children competition and compassion
|   Dec 01, 2014
3cs children competition and compassion

Future is uncertain. World is full of stress and tough competition. We prepare our children to face the tough life ahead by giving them quality education. Every parent aspires to make his/her child a successful individual. Sucess means securing admission in best college or get a highly paid job in a top notch company. We all do our best to achieve these or alike objectives. But are we missing on something very important? It’s time to pause and ponder.

Let’s look at US. It's a developed nation with best material advancement and a high standard of living. People have a high per capita income. The nation is flooded with latest technology and gadgets. Still there is a sudden spurt in crime rate among school going children. Many abrupt firing cases and killings happened in the school campus. Do we know why?


Our children are missing on an important quality i.e. compassion. We are producing children with high IQ but low on EQ. We instruct children to study, lead a disciplined life, and juggle between various extracurricular activities. Do we ever consciously work on improving their emotional quotient? Compassion can be instilled since childhood. Making a child a good human being along with being successful is very important. The importance of being humble, forgiving and giving can’t be undermined.

The following ways can be adopted in life for a balanced personality-

 1. Encourage children to give away used toys, clothes and books to people who need it. Let children start understanding the value of even obsolete things and how can they be useful for needy people.

 2. Sharing doubles the joy. Let children share their toys and belongings with their friends.

 3. Practice what you are preaching. Be a role model for your child. Being kind and forgiving should be the culture of family. Children unconsciously pick up these traits from parents. Make it a practice to give food/ articles on important occasions (like birthdays, anniversaries) or auspicious days like holi, diwali

 4. Make them sensitive towards the emotions of other people. For older children making fun of others and ridiculing is considered ‘cool’. Instead they should be corrected immediately for every rude gesture and unkind/harsh word.

 5. Give them a certain amount of money. Let them decide how they want to utilize it in helping a needy person. This also gives them power to make decisions.

 6. Acknowledge and appreciate goodness in everyone around.

 7. Never teach the child to pay back in the same coin. You will unconsciously instill vindictive / revengeful attitude.

 8. Children have a beautiful heart and innocent nature. We pour our biases and judgments on them. Let the child see the world through his own eyes.

 9. Be gentle towards animals.

10. Never destroy the nature in any way. Encourage children to plant a sapling and see it grow.

 We can make children grow with balanced personalities. They can have knowledge and also skills to use that knowledge with a humane perspective. Goodness is something which gives satisfaction and inner peace. Helping others and forgiving will result in happy children. That's how we will grow as a society and as a nation.

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