An Open Letter To My Children- My Pearls Of Wisdom
|   Dec 31, 2014
An Open Letter To My Children- My Pearls Of Wisdom

Life is too hard and that’s how it teaches you . You learn from your mistakes, experiences and hardships. I also did. Many times I learnt a lesson from a mistake and vowed to be careful to not repeat the same mistake again. But eventually  forgot and committed the same mistake. I had a solution for this folly- I wrote my learning- The Lessons from my Life. Now whenever I face a problem and am in a dilemma I open my diary and read. Voila, here is the answer to all my problems.They are called ‘Pearls of wisdom’.

So my dear children, I am penning this down to preserve my life quotes – My lessons. Whenever you face a trouble, open this and read. Whether your mum is around or not, her words will guide you forever.

Lesson 1 –  Each person has different facets to his personalities. A person might be good to 'person A' but not so good with 'person B'. Accept it. That’s how humans are hard wired. Look at yourself- you have a unique behavior and a different chemistry with everyone.

Lesson 2 – Learn  to respect differences. Differences of opinions, gender differences, differences in likings and differences in personalities make us humans. Robots behave alike and in a repetitive fashion NOT US. Don’t carry prejudices.

Lesson 3 -  I am a firm believer of  ‘Law of Attraction’. Your thoughts give direction to your life- whether positive or negative. Be conscious and be strong- you are shaping your future. World is how you see it.

Lesson 4 – This is a spiritual one. You will resonate with this one with age and time. We are all on a spiritual journey. We are here to learn and unlearn a few lessons. Whatever is happening has a reason. Many a times we think God is unfair to us. But there is a lesson to be learnt. Our souls have decided each and every important incident ( whether good or bad) happening in our life even before our birth.

Lesson 5-  Believe in the power of prayers. They are miraculous. I still believe in angels and fairies. Pray to your angels and they will bless you. You only need to have faith in them.

Lesson 6- Forgiveness means breaking of ties and getting rid of negativity. Keep your heart clean. It is for your own self growth. Forgiving does not mean that let the other person exploit you. It means accept and move on.

Lesson 7-Do not believe in short cuts. Sincere labor never goes unrewarded.

Lesson 8- Being successful does not only mean being financially accomplished. Being a good human being is more important. Goodness has a rippling effect. Be positive, be inspired and serve others.

No one is perfect. We have to just keep on working on ourselves. 


If you want to add a few more pearls to this ,then write them in the comment box below.

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