5 Tips to Help your Child make the Right Career Choice
|   Dec 13, 2016
5 Tips to Help your Child make the Right Career Choice

If you are a parent of a Class Xth child, chances are that you are already losing sleep over your child’s career. What stream should he take? Should she become an Engineer like me or a Doctor like her mother? What if he does not score well in his Boards? – so on and so forth. While it is natural to be concerned about your child’s future, losing sleep over it will neither help you nor your child.

Here are 5 tips to help your child make the right career choice:

  1. Respect your child’s individuality
  2. Explore beyond the tried and tested
  3. Encourage to network more
  4. Understand, it is not always about the money
  5. Seek professional career guidance

Respect your child’s individuality

Each child is different in his or her own way. So while your best friend’s daughter may be a high flying cardiologist and you want your daughter to be a doctor too, it is best to understand that your child may have been bestowed with some unique talents and interests. More than often, as parents, we make the mistake of basing career decisions only on Aptitude. And here too, we judge it primarily through exam scores.

The right career for your child is the one where a healthy balance of Interest, Personality and Aptitude can be found.  Remember your child is different and needs to be respected that way.

Explore beyond the tried and tested

Traditionally, if marks in Math are good but poor in Science, we quickly come to the conclusion that the child should take up Commerce and pursue CA. Today, there are plethora of other options for every stream. For example, a child good in Math can also pursue options like Actuarial Analyst, Economist, Statistician, Stockbroker, Forensic Accountant, etc. just to name a few.

So if you really want to help your child take the right career decision, explore beyond what you already know. We bet you would be amazed by the options available!

Encourage to network more

Networking helps, irrespective of which stage of your career you are in. Encourage your child to know and interact with more people. If he/she has a particular interest, see if you can find somebody within your circuit who can tell your child about the nitty gritties of that specific job. Networking also helps children pick up some crucial soft skills that may come in handy later in their career and life in general.

Understand, it is not always about the money

While as a parent you would always want your child to have a financially secure future, it is unwise to base career decisions only on the basis of the pay package. While some kids are motivated by money, some are motivated by fame and recognition while some others are driven by philanthropy. And more than often, a common ground could be found where both you and your child’s dreams can be fulfilled.

Seek professional career guidance

Last but not the least, do not base your child’s career decision on inputs from your neighbors, relatives, friends, and your other well-wishers. They may be genuinely wishing well but not have all the necessary information at hand. When you are sick you go to a doctor, when you need financial advice you go to a CA…so why not seek professional guidance when you are deciding your child’s career?

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