I Feel No Less a Goddess, Everyday!
|   Oct 04, 2016
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I Feel No Less a Goddess, Everyday!


Being one comes with a baggage. A weighty one.

But no mommies whine lugging on it as they go far & forever.

It’s a precious endowment. Being one.


As much I hate the Shutterstock and Getty images of a lady, sticking out several hands with an appliance or a chore in each (much loved and over-used by the advertising industry), somewhere secretly I too assert the intent.

Mothers excel in multitasking, naturally; no course, session, workshop, classes needed!

Sometimes I marvel at my own competence when I get my daughter ready for school (read - wake, bathe & dress), pack her 2 meals (one snack, one lunch), whip up the breakfast for both of us, get all dressed up myself (with winged eyeliner and soft blush done to perfection) and leave the house for her school and my work within the time frame of 40 minutes flat!

That’s when I realise I have grown couple of more extremities and my time management skills have heightened to the extent of touching the upper limit.

 I feel empowered. In control. Confident. Capable of doing what most men cannot.

All this and much more would not be possible if I don’t pay attention on my own health and fitness. Talking about my own healthcare regimen and needs before my family’s, to many, I may sound self centred, narcissist and an irresponsible mother and wife.

My point – if lady of the house is not in good shape, mental/physical state and health, who would take care of the household and other family members?

So, I pay great attention to what, where & when I eat, get my annual health checkups done regularly and make sure the family eats the best & choicest of food and ingredients.

I am exceptionally particular about the oil we consume in our diet. I use Sunny Oil for my regular cooking, which is naturally cholesterol free, has omega acids and is fortified with vitamins (A, D & E).

To me, being an everyday Goddess means living and giving a healthy & happy life to my family.



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