Interesting Ideas to Pack Lunch Boxes
|   Jul 09, 2016
Interesting Ideas to Pack Lunch Boxes

“My son often brings back his lunch just like that, uneaten”

“I am sure my daughter is giving away all her food to her friends” 

“Aaj phir sara khana wapis aa gaya” 

Is this happening with you too?

Are you one of those troubled moms who are always bothered about their c

hild’s food at school?

Worry no more! 

These simple, easy, quick and totally tried and tested ideas and hacks would work like magic for your problem.

Change the look of your food – Your child doesn’t like the usual roti-sabzi? No issues! Give it a facelift by wrapping the subzi in the roti as a roll, put some salad leaves, a dollop of mayo/hung curd/any spread, some ketchup and few sticks of cucumber or slices of onion. Wrap the roll in foil or cling film. Cut it diagonally and place in the lunch box. Adding few chips or sticks of carrot or cucumber would add to the fun!

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Or put together the same ingredients in whole wheat bread. Butter the top sides of the bread and grill. Pack it in colourful boxes. I have always used Tupperware’s lunch boxes for my kids. They are the best quality, colourful and extremely durable.

Package it pretty – Gone are the days of boring rectangular, normal looking tiffin boxes. Change it to something swanky. Like jars! Mug jars, lid jars and similar cool containers. There are several of these available in high grade plastic, if you don’t want to give the glass ones. Fill the jars with your homemade pulao, poha, salad or fruits. Give along a tall spoon to dig in.

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It is sure to vanish, trust me on that.

Send along cool accessories – Bright plastic cutlery, printed paper napkins and a small hand towel would make your little one wait for the lunch time like never before. At most of the party shops, there are cute pre-packed cutlery sets available - spoon, fork and knives, all in one.

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Use cookie cutters – If you are planning to give poories, cut them in interesting shapes and then fry. Same can be done with paratha. Fruits, salad, pan cakes and the likes can be made to look so much fun by using different cutters.

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Pack a surprise treat – Don’t forget to include the surprise element. Children love surprises! Without disclosing the content, everyday give them one small special treat which could be just anything – a piece of their favourite chocolate, a small box of caramel-cheese popcorn, sweet rice wafers, juice box, nuts etc.

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Add a sweet note – Once you finish packing their lunch, write a sweet little thing on ‘post it’ (sticky note) and stick it on their boxes. Trust me, it will not take more than a minute for you but will surely make the lunch time special for your child. A hand written short note, ‘Love You Baby’ or just a simile is going to make your kid feel extremely special and loved.

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I am sure the above tips and tricks will help your picky & fussy eater to wipe off all that you give for lunch and leave you humming dabba khali, pait full!

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