An extra mile in education
|   Jul 27, 2017
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An extra mile in education

My daughter is in the middle school.

Middle school curriculum is tough- there is cut-throat competition everywhere and a child is caught with making a choice between great schools and between tuitions. In order to gain an edge over others, a child has to walk an extra mile. But how does one go about that?

While wondering about the same, recently a friend told me about MarkSharks, a learning app for middle school. This friend told me that this app has been indigenously developed by multi-faceted young individuals across streams, who believed that learning is not just memorizing and repeating facts in tests, it is the retention that is important.

This app claimed to impart knowledge by making one do experiments. This premise, conveyed by the same friend, immediately piqued my interest as I am a firm believer in the same. ( I am also partial to indigenous technology - so)

My daughter and I, then  downloaded this app and set about using it.

We then discovered that,

MarkSharks which catered to typically CBSE curriculum had a 3 step method for learning -

·         Having learnt the complex concepts at school, build upon the same, through various exercises and experiments, displayed on the device.

·         Doing the practice exercises and tools related with the concepts

·         And finally testing self through various tests of increasing difficulty, available on the app.

We also found that this App currently deals with Maths and Science subjects from classes 6-12. There are interesting games with good graphics and lucid voice-overs, to explain difficult concepts like friction or sound or the components of a cell. In one of their games, your mobile could simulate a seismograph.

All this was great but…As a concerned parent, one might ask, is it a good idea to make one’s youngster use a gadget to learn? With so much electronic distraction already?

Was I making my daughter an electronic junkie?

But then I realized in these hyper-connected times, it is imperative that one uses all the relevant tools to maximize benefits. With the retention span decreasing over generations, it makes more sense to build upon previously gained text-book knowledge by reinforcing it with a  graphical interface for a greater success. The concepts make more sense when taught by experiments consisting of tools of daily-life.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a video, an educational one at that!

And that’s how my child found her extra mile, and I happily gave the green signal to go ahead.


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