|   May 19, 2017

Radha looked at the calendar, on the opposite wall.

30th of April!

She was counting seconds to lay her hands on her salary. Hopefully she would get a raise.

Radha was a salesperson in the solitaire section of Gola Sons, a leading jeweller. She sighed wistfully at the beauties all around her, knowing fully well, she could only dream about slipping her ring finger into them. That’s about it.

They were so unattainable!

Meanwhile, she saw a message from Kishan. Kishan was waiting for her impatiently, at their humble abode. He always reached before her and most often cooked the dinner too. They usually finished their frugal meal, over shared concerns, conversations and laughter.

But today was different.

Radha was angry at her plight, her singularly boring and cash strapped life. Radha wanted that spectacular ring on her finger. Badly!

That ring which Kishan could never afford to buy! That ring that she had managed to sell to Radhika, who frequented their shop, that Radhika, who had more solitaires than fingers! That picture perfect Radhika!

Presently, Radhika sat in her plush, sparkling, ultra-modern apartment, fingering her brand new solitaire.

She had dismissed her minions for the day. She was all alone, sitting in the den, waiting to bring in their anniversary. Krishna, her husband, had promised to make it up to her, once he was back. Whenever he had the time, that is! He was always on the move. A Globe trotter who was forever sorting stuff! He had gallantly suggested to her to go and buy herself a new super rock.

Which she did, hoping it would fill the gaping gap in her heart!

She now crooned softly, at the stroke of 12, “Happy Anniversary to ME!”, wiping a tear away, angrily.

And Radha fingered her silver ring, shedding a vexed tear while Kishan snored away, hugging her tightly.

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