Dear Pepsi, Socho!!
|   Apr 15, 2017
Dear Pepsi, Socho!!

#PEPSI  Has anyone seen the latest Pepsi ad  with that

'Oh So cool and SEXY!' wala tagline?

'Socha Na tha Jee Gaya

Pepsi Tha Pee Gaya

For those who haven’t seen this epic ad, a ready reckoner -

A coolish (rather rakish) looking boy jauntily struts around the hallways, sipping Pepsi only to bump into a winsome lass carrying a heavy brown package. The dude-in-chivalry, gallantly offers to help out after asking the girl, if she is new in the neighborhood and more.

As they carry the heavy package, he eyes her and suddenly suggests “I think You should Marry Me!

The girl is shocked and Cut! We are now mind mulched with this epic tag!

No mention of what the girl THINKS, FEELS or SAYS!


I ask my husband who is watching this ad with me.

“What will you do, if your daughter goes through this?

This ‘Oh So This-gen-wala’ unthinking, brain-fried proposal!

“Mar doonga!” is his immediate reply!

Mind you, he is as gentle as the freshly set curd.

May be there is a message in here!

Pepsi Na Peena, Sochna Bhool Jaoge!

Remember girl, never never let any dude offer you help!

Else you could be saddled with a proposal

Easier to carry your weight

than carry on with this item, life long!


 - How about asking for tax rebates, when you dispense with so much gyaan on the sly?

Socha Na tha AD bana diya

Pepsi ka Ad Desh pe Chhodd diya

Aur Piyo ;)

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