Don't Mop! Shop till you Drop
|   Apr 14, 2016
Don't Mop! Shop till you Drop

These days, double income families have become the societal norm.

We are a nuclear family and most often work throughout the week. Weekend is often a blur with multi tasking and finishing up with the backloads of the week gone by. The chunks of holidays that children get at the end of exams are used for taking a holiday because hard work should be followed up with ample relaxation.

When the new academic session starts, shopping for our kids for the supplies is often a trying time for us because of the tight purchasing schedule that our children’s school fixes. Sometimes we may need to take a day off to shop only to be greeted by serpentine queues at uniform shops or requisite sizes and designs being unavailable. The window of shopping hours is so tiny that often it’s a damper. In such a scenario, imagine going off on a holiday with a motley bunch whose children belong to different schools - At the exact same time period when the said school says, ”You gotta pick your uniform and the books on this date and no other!” Obviously with the children all worried about the availability of uniform and books, the holiday will be a one big fat drag. Most of us have been there, haven’t we?

Every year, as we move heaven and earth to procure relevant stuff before children go to new classes, we promise ourselves that next time it’s going to be different. Yet again we set off on a holiday with our friends and we missed our purchasing deadline. Just as we were stressing about the drill that awaited us, someone spoke to us about An online one-stop shop for all school uniform, shoes, books, stationery and accessory needs. We approached it with a pinch of salt but what a revelation it turned out be.

Shopping was an easy experience. We browsed on site while munching and relaxing. We stocked on books and a trendy school bag that we both (mother and child) liked. Also bought the uniforms and availed of the discounts on shoes after checking various offers. Daughter decided that while the going was good she could happily pitch in for some nifty water bottles and cool smart toys. Plus we had the added advantage of having the products delivered to our doorsteps at convenience. It was a happy shopping deal. Schoolkart has Cash on Delivery (COD), Same Day and Next Day delivery facilities coupled with Easy Exchanges. The way it should be.

Now, when we travel with diverse groups, school shopping becomes easy for all of us because we have a savior now.

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