Heroes -MSD
|   Mar 14, 2017
Heroes -MSD

A Requiem for the heroes forgotten- #1 MSD

I was and am, an unabashed Dhoni fan. Arguably one of the greatest captains ever, of the Indian cricket team.

What is there not to like about him? Small town beginning, unorthodox talent, big dreams, bigger canvas, ice cool nerves, oodles of chutzpah. A man who made it against all odds!

We all know this.  So why the re-run really?

I write this because I finally managed to see the movie, 'MSD' and the memories of that great man rotating his bat after whacking the ball to the boundary, thereby lifting the world cup, came flooding.

His dream took a life-time to fructify simply because it was just so big.

The success wasn't easy nor was it ever handed on a platter.

Many a sweat and tears were shed, many hands pitched in and many more shoulders propelled him ahead, by giving him courage and counsel as and when needed. 

So many hands contributed to this winning show. And it is eternal..

And at the height of his popularity, this man quietly chose to walk off into the sunset.

A class act.

Public memory is very short. Newer, brasher heroes occupy the centre stage now.

Sadly, MSD already, is so yesterday. Hence the need to reprise.

Many a time, we are faced with this existential dilemma of "What exactly am I doing? Do I have it in me, still? Should I hang up my boots? Why do I even bother?”

Just smell the coffee, keep the faith and remember - bigger the success story, greater is the toil, because nothing comes easy.

It is just that we don't see the sweat, tears, fears  or the toiling team behind the gloss.

So then keep walking.  You have only fear to fear :D

To Dhoni!

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