Mom! Be the Gender Bender!
|   Jul 27, 2016
Mom! Be the Gender Bender!

One of my students, is about to play the nationals in football. Incidentally she is a girl

When she broke the news yesterday, naturally there were cheers all around, except for a boy. He was flummoxed and just could not believe that the girls could play football and this good.

Obviously, that game changer, ‘Bend it like Beckham’ had not been screened in his house.

His response was extremely surprising as he is a part of an affluent society and has travelled abroad. In fact lived overseas too. When I say travelled abroad, the child has moved around, got the exposure and seen how the world works. 

Many a time, you would expect that experience is an eye opener.

Apparently not!

Somethings can never change? I refuse to believe!

Can we as mothers, do our bit for gender bending?

How about doing away with these done-to-death cliches from our daily lexicon?

No saying these please!

”Don't cry like a girl!"

"Don't sit like a boy! Sit like a lady!"

"Don't be a wimp!"

"What are you doing with needles and thread? That is a girl's domain"

"Learn to cook girl! What will happen to you after marriage? Who will feed your family?”

"Bulk up! You are a boy!! And Ditch those hideous pastels"

"Watch your weight! Be dainty and dress in pretty pinks”

“Study boy, tomorrow you have to fend for your family!”


Gender bending should start right from school and at home too. 

How many parents are OK with that? 

I have a boy and a girl and I can honestly say that I did manage to gender bender. At least a bit

Do sensitize the boys and toughen up the girls

Mould both boys and girls to be life ready. 

Teach them how to budget, cook, wash, iron, mop and dust.

Mommie, You can change the way, tomorrow thinks, if you start today. Yes we can, if we try. 

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