'Mushy'Rooms eh?
|   Jun 22, 2015
'Mushy'Rooms eh?

One of challenges i have faced as a mother, is overcoming my prejudices and giving into the children's silly ( obviously in my opinion!) demands!

One such pet peeve was not letting mushrooms cross the lakshman rekha of my kitchen. Well, with names like shitake, button, what hope did they have of being part of my domain?.

But Junior Jain salivates at the mere mention of those mushhhhh!! She often tried to persuade me, to cook those blessed things for her. She then discovered, I am made of stern stuff !!

One fine day, Junior Jain decided to take matters into her hand, cycled down to the grocer, stocked up the fridge with mushrooms, searched online and downloaded all the possible recipes with those unmentionables. Such underhanded dealings, i tell you! (Already regretting introducing computers to her..)

I dillydallied, came up with one novel excuse or the other and one fine day threw them in the garbage, saying they had rotted. But Junior jain was made of sterner stuff, a real chip of the old block!

She played dirty! Pronto she enlisted the support of big bear of a brother and a verygushing grannie, trawled gyaani google, brought fresh stock and got to work.

Gen next and gen above had taken over my kitchen! My bastion was crumbling. Time to call in truce and give in gracefully. With the tail firmly between legs, i smiled and offered to cook her favourite.

Mushroom pasta turned out fine. And the icing on the cake, bone crunching hugs and " i love you mommie".

Time to give up the prejudices eh?

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