Not all heavy breakfasts are healthy
|   Dec 28, 2016
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Not all heavy breakfasts are healthy

Winters are here. You are surrounded by fresh vegetables, demonetization notwithstanding. The cravings for all sorts of stuffed paranthas abound, or for the good old leafy vegetables infused Pooris with Potato gravy.

This is a tough road to walk!  Especially as a South Indian, when you have been brave enough to marry a man from the hills, who thrives on the above mentioned.

But then as you push by years, when the niggling aches and pains become a regular feature and the weighing scale refuses to be your friend, in spite of the killing walks in the park - you need to take stock of what you are pumping into your system.

It is time go healthy.

Based on their life styles, some prefer to eat a hearty and filling breakfast, as they are not too sure of their lunch timings. Work perhaps, entails them moving about town. But are all heavy breakfasts healthy?

An ideal breakfast is a generous supply of fruits, proteins, nuts with a smattering of carbs, fats and not the other way round.

A conditioned palette is resistant to change.  It is then time to tinker with the traditional recipes and give a modern and healthy twist to them.

Experts suggest that Oats - gluten-free whole grains - are one of the healthiest grains as they are a great source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

Nutritional experts also suggest that making oats part of your diet, gives you many health benefits like weight loss, enhanced immune system, stabilized lower blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Of course apart from dietary changes, one has to have a regulated lifestyle with daily exercise and meditation. Wellness is an overall concept.

I have been Oatifying my traditional recipes. The great China wall of resistance has slowly been crumbling, seeing the health benefits of eating more oats.

I share with you, someā€¦

Aloo Parantha becomes lethal when you butter it up. Why not make a thin aloo roti, cover it with a fine crust of oats and roast it on a pan, with very little oil?

Instead of Aloo Tikkis, go in for multi-vegetable patties, using ground, stir-fried, Quaker Oats powder for binding. Bake these, then.

Imagination is the key as oats make a great addition to a healthier diet. They can be eaten just as porridge or powdered and added to any flour.

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