Prejudices - Spoil your life
|   Mar 21, 2016
Prejudices  - Spoil your life

And I flatline as is expected. 

Quietly, slowly I see myself floating around.

My husband watches me intently, stroking my limp lifeless hand. 

Perhaps mulls over lost chances - of love, sharing conversations, making memories?

My dear dear son stands nearby talking in muffled tones.

Perhaps informing the near and dear. I wonder how many are upset, how many are relieved and how many simply relegate me to statistics

My darling daughter, for whom I fought the world, cries softly. I knew it always. She is the one who loved me the most.

This Grief-O-Rama kind of puts me off. Not up to my expectations  I guess. They have to grieve more. After all the glue of the family, the mother hen who tended to her flock with military precision is no more. Hasn’t the enormity stuck them?

I see a girl rushing in. My son on seeing her suddenly breaks down. She hugs him, comforts him  while he gets a grip

I recognize her alright. How many rows have we had over this chit of a girl? My son, who wouldn't earlier cross my Laxman Rekha, had openly defied me. All for the sake this girl. I had even stopped talking to him till he came around. I was never going to let my blood line be defiled, by letting him marry that infidel. And now..

Im still lying there, my body still warm  and he has already run to her arms. Husband then acknowledges her warmly. She hugs my girl now and daughter clings to her for emotional succor. This hurts me alright. Big time.

What exactly is happening? Why are they all sticking together? Don’t they know I detest her?

And she has already taken my place. She is the mother hen now tending to MY flock. 

I watch her as she takes control over the situation, rallies the family around. The more I see her taking care of my family, becoming one of them, one with them, the more my prejudices melt away. I start yearning to be part of this newly bonding group.

But, Alas I’m very late.

If only my blind beliefs hadn't clouded my judgement and if only I had given this relationship a fair chance ..

My son wouldn't have had this unspoken grudge against me. The girl and I would have made some lasting memories. If only. 

Thank God for this girl!

I now float away.

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