RamLeela ki MahaBharat
|   Oct 28, 2015
RamLeela ki MahaBharat

 We had an enactment of Ramleela by children at our condominium recently. It was a large scale production with Music, dance and drama. I was associated with it in a small measure by way of making the Back ground PPTs for the LCD panels and as one of the mentors. Its my greatest pride and joy to tell you all that our Sita, Janaka, Soorpanakha, Sumitra, Ma Saraswati and more are Muslims and our deadly Ravan is a Sardar. All the mentors are from diverse faiths. The parents of these moppets were the most enthusiastic participants.

Like any successful project, our Ramleela had many take aways.

    1) Many a time the entire team was literally at each other's throats. Many a time spirits were sagging and bodies were giving way. Home situation was going absolute haywire. Pending and piling up work. Nothing was falling in place. Lag raha tha, ittasa Ramayana ke liye Itna Mahabharata? But like the good old Barjatiya's movie, in the end, we all came together to gel as parts of a well oiled machine. The program ran with clock work precision. May I add, to huge applause !

    2) The sum is always more important than the parts. Each individual, an irreplacable part makes whole sum. Every role however small, adds to the overall flavour.

    3) The children! They are endowed with far more intellect and comprehensive skills than we credit them for. When the magical night rolled in, the kids performed as if Oscars were up for grabs. What sterling stars they were! So much so that our Darling Ravan refused to change because " More than 100 people had taken Selfies" with him. They simply delivered when it mattered!

    In these crazy hate filled days, stories like this warm your heart, make you feel 'All izzz well'.Vasudhika Kutumbam. If possible let's spread only cheer, love and laughter. Rest will anyways fall in place Jai Mata di!! Let's rock !!
    (P.S. Oh yes, we rocked !! And How!! A little gloating at times is good for health)

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