Share everything 50-50 Sugar & Spice
|   Nov 24, 2015
Share everything 50-50 Sugar & Spice

"Bas! I have decided! Time has come for us to seize this burning matter into our expert hands!" I exclaimed throwing the newspaper down. Hmm-Husband, without missing a bit, continued to sip his watery poison while he bore holes into his news rag and still managed a "Huh?".

Years of marital practice had made him an expert at muttering 'I'm so interested in what you say' while he mentally played out the latest episode of rumbustious 'Nation wants to know'.

" You don't understand anything. As is usual, I have to worry about everything. James bond has been circum$%%# and sanskarified, you know by Censor scissor hands. Now Sarfarosh Satyameva-Jayate Khan is talking about leaving India. We have to do something! Be the change etc etc "

"Ok , what do you propose?" Valiantly asked hmm-husband while inwardly trembling.

"Let's raise our children - Tolerant!!" I was suddenly feeling ten feet tall now.

"There is a slight hitch to that. The first born has grown wings and scrammed as soon as he could. No hopes of his coming back!"

I stopped him midway. "So what? I can always forward the feel good Whatsapp messages that I get every morning. His training can be continued from afar"

"Before he disowns us, why don't you try that principle on our silently suffering daughter? How will you go about it?"

Was that sarcasm? I decided to gloss over it. Hmm-Husband was warming up to the honor filled task ahead:D

"Well, ours is a mixed marriage. So we divide everything 50-50. Cuisine, Religion, ambience. I have anyways told daughter that she is a Hindu-Jain. I will teach her both religion wala prayers. Breakfast is South Indian, Lunch would be North Indian and Dinner if not leftovers, then a mix of both cuisines"

"Excellent idea. Its nearing lunchtime. Can I have stuffed paranthas, kadai paneer and dal makhani please? While you are rustling these, I will teach you Namokar mantra.. Which you haven't learnt in all these years, By the Way!!"

Two minute grave silence ensued while I scanned phone for imaginary whatsapp messages..

"Actually, I feel like having instant noodles. I will throw in some vegetables so that I won't feel guilty" and I smartly retreated from a potential disaster zone.

The world can sort itself. It really doesn't need my expert touch.

And Hmm-Husband??

Game Set Match!

Ouch ouch!!

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