Sonny Cooks
|   Jul 03, 2017
Sonny Cooks

I thought, I knew it all, having raised two teenagers and having pontificated to all and sundry!

“Let Go!” I would often say. Isn’t it always easy to advise rather than follow?

Fate then, gave me a knock on the head, to test me.  Apparently, I still had lots to learn!

I was due for a holiday but son was home interning. He didn’t want to stay anywhere else other than home.

And this Indian mom panicked like crazy!!

How is my crown prince going to fend for himself?

Food?  Washing of vessels? Cooking? Phew!

I simply couldn’t get myself to hand-over my kitchen. Could I trust him to keep the house clean? The way, I wanted?

But then inhaling deep, I took a leap of faith.

I learnt that by trusting my son and by backing him, I had set him free and yet made him highly responsible. He in turn, tried hard, to live up to the expectations. He did everything as needed.

Whenever he had problems, technology helped us. We constantly chatted on Whatsapp, face-timed, exchanging pictures, recipes.

And the results have been spectacular.

The crown prince chopped, cleaned, cooked, washed and kept everything spic and span. He learnt to keep a house up and running.

And I? I puffed up with pride, having learnt yet another lesson in parenting. I finally learnt to let go only to have it all back! In abundance.

And I actually ‘Walked the Talk!’

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