When A Mommy Falls Sick
|   Jun 10, 2017
When A Mommy Falls Sick

So all of a sudden, my head starts spinning and every possible centimeter  of my body aches. My feet are spitting fire. I manage to pull out the domesticated thermometer from the home medicine box.

I clock 100 F on it.

Okay, nothing much to worry!

So I finish my daily chores as quickly as possible and decide to occupy a quiet corner to rest, to recuperate.

But this is a novelty in my household, you see! Me lying down in the middle of the day, that too quietly!

Hmm-Husband, finally notices my absence during the drinks break in the on-going cricket match! He asks me if he should pull out all stops? Did he miss anything? I break the feverish news. Hmm-husband in his panic,  turns garrulous and suddenly starts chatting about all and sundry. He even shakes me, if I don’t respond aptly while he is pontificating about everything under the Sun. I slowly reach out to my prayer beads.

Then the Darling-Dotty, back from her evening galavanting, decides to give me a torturous head to toe massage - free of cost of course! How can I say ‘No’ to such a kind and thoughtful gesture? So I submit myself to her massages. Dotty then suggests a soothing and uplifting melody by her, would be the very medicine I need. I nod softly, as I don’t even have the energy to protest! The song is apt - It is something about feeling like a plastic bag! Phew!

It isn’t over yet!

On cue, Scintillating-Son calls long distance and the father and daughter gang up, give him the Hot news. He then gives a long sermon about the failing standards of my health and makes me promise that I would climb 6 flights of stairs with a 3km walk thrown in, the following day.

I remember God, but not in so many flattering terms.

I cry out for mercy and say 'I'm feeling fine, I just wanna sleep! Give me freaking half an hour! Is it too much to ask?’

The penny drops finally and Hmm-Husband walks away muttering - 'Rest In Peace’!

Yaani ki aaram se so jao!

Behena! Bimaar Na padiyo. Swast Rahiyo!

Health is wealth, you see!

When the family cares!

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