When the “All is well” bubble bursts
|   Aug 07, 2015
When the “All is well” bubble bursts

When the “All is well” bubble bursts By Anupama Jain

These days whenever we go out as a family, the very first thing I make sure, is to take along with us a bottle of purified water. Sometimes, may be one bottle for each member of the family. Radical or hyper as it may seem, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, I have learnt my lesson, the hard way.

When I was pregnant with my children, I followed my own set of hygiene rules to the T, unflinchingly obeyed all the water precautions. As we all know, Water, though lacking in calorific or nutrient value, is essential for all forms of life.

As the family grew in size, age and in rumbustiousness - in that order, sometimes rules were tweaked to save time. Sometimes rules were bent out of sheer exhaustion. I sometimes, forgot to fill the kid's water bottles and sometimes just did not give them enough. Or sometimes simply did not bother to get the filtering systems revamped.

My son usually consumed lots of water, invariably after a hectic sports session. So he ended up drinking water, from all sorts of sources – Be it school or sharing from friends.

I trusted these sources. Everybody makes efforts to make water fit for human consumption, to make it potable water, by way of filtration or distillation, or other methods.

Was my line of thinking right? How wrong could I go?

Pretty much, as it turned out to be. One fine day, this false bubble of 'All is well' burst and my son fell ill. It began with a very innocuous fever and soon escalated into a series of illnesses. We lost precious academic days. He fell back on his work. He took a long time to recover his physical strength. It was an uphill task to bring him to speed. The problems crept in very surreptitiously due to my negligence. Safe and sufficient drinking-water would have kept most of his illnesses at bay.

Due to the range of pollutants throughout the world and variable social, environmental and economic systems, there is no "one size fits all‟ solution for ensuring water quality. As clean drinking water is every one's right, various responses to improving water quality, have emerged throughout the world.

May be a PureIt time; is the need of the hour?

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