Your child is the best Momma!
|   Aug 23, 2015
Your child is the best Momma!

One weekend, when my daughter suddenly discovered that she had nothing to wear, I landed up at the local export surplus market hoping to buy some cool stuff for my daughter but without her, trusting only my overflowing motherly instincts.

Wrong move it turned out to be. Soon stark reality checked in. I just could not figure out whether I was picking out the right size for my daughter or not.

Panic stricken I searched around for a solution. I found a girl of around the same size as my daughter. I approached the mother, asked if her daughter could try out some of the stuff I had picked. She said," most certainly. But you have such a GAWKY model". Should have seen the child wince. All I could do, was ruffle the child's hair and blurt out " but she is so cute..,"

Dear parents, whatever might be your opinion about your child's looks, or intellect, please do not air it to them, that too in front of complete strangers. No amount of cosmetic indulgence or cupboard full of designer clothes is ever going to fill that void as these scars take a lifetime to heal. Not everyone lucks out at the gene or IQ pool. Keep reiterating to them that they are the best and one day the world will be after them. After all, the onus is on us parents, to bring out the smart, capable, soaring next gen!

The mother in question was a douchebag. What a good model, the daughter turned out to be! I picked up whatever looked good on her and I am happy to report, they suited my daughter just fine. 

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