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"Assalam u alaikum ammi!" greets Rehana as she enters her modest home. Her eyes are searching for "Ammi".  "Where is ammi, aslam?" she asks her little brother,who dodges across the courtyard playing hide and seek with the neighbourhood friends."Aapa,please! Im playing here with Rahul and Hussain! You're spoiling the game, Ammi must be inside somewhere" whispers Aslam. Rehana smiles. She really loves that little brother of hers,after Abba's death he really seemed to be lost.It's so nice to see him slowly regain his composure.

"Rahul! Aslam's hiding near the barrels of water." shouts Rehana and slips inside the hall.

"AMMI, AMMI, AMMI!"  quirks Rehana seeing Arfa Begum sitting in the kitchen, making small round balls of wheat flour.

"Kya hua beta? Itni khush kyun hai?" asks Arfa Begum.

"Ammi,look at this i've topped this year in school, i'm the topper,first rank" blurts Rehana.

"Allhumdullilah! what a great news rehana.Chalo we really need to celebrate this. Im going to call Pyaari ammi and tell her the good news.Im going to have to organize a dawaat for everyone.Abba would've been the happiest to see you top in school." says Arfa begum,wiping the tears from her eyes.

"YES YES YES! Call choti chachi,badi ammi,babajaan,haleema phuphi......" and Rehana's list goes on.

The scene closes with commotion of both the mother and daughter,and with a lot of cacophony going on in the background.


Somewhere in a parallel world,filled with technology and gadgets,with emoticons and virtual hugs. Rehana tops her exams,but save for that nothing seems the same.


Rehana tops her class,and she can't but help not giggling away boisterously with her coterie of friends and acquaintances. She jumps up and down,shouts out a "YES" and does all the celebratory dances as well as the happy dances.

" Girls!!! Selfie time... We need to capture this moment" and with a thunder of clicks and clacks the pictures are captured.

The next moment there are notifications popping up of a new status on the virtual walls of her friends " I BEAT THE EXAMS,BUTTONHOLED THEM INTO GIVING ME THE FIRST RANK".

Oooh!! now she needs to tweet....

After a good 10 minutes or so..

" tring,tring,vibrate"


"Mom, i topped the exams.. I'm at the top,I'm first... can you  believe it???"

"That's wonderful Rehana, Mashaallah... Let's do a nice family get together... I'll call all your...."

"Mom, wait... Firstly, call me Riii... and FAMILY??? Are you crazy, i'm throwing a party for my friends,we're gonna hang out,go window shopping,shopping..everything..Please mom... This isn't the 60's... And listen i will be home late. Love you. Bye"

Arfa begum disconnects the phone and looks over to an i-Pad engrossed Aslam and thinks how life would have been better with her husband alive.

That was a relevant yet irrelevant tidbit for the theme of this contest,but it was pretty necessary for the upcoming content i'm talking about.

Technology is a necessary yet a beautiful evil. It's exactly like an OCD. A little is always welcomed and is a must,but an obsessive one does more harm than good. Today's Younger Generation falling in the age group of "2-17" are bought into the snazziness of gadgets and apps. (After 17,it's a goner!!) Technology and behavioural development go back in time,when the first Television popped up. There have always been 2 parties opposing each other, they state and substate as to how their views are more better for a child's development. So, i'm going to spare you the horror of doing all that. I'm giving you a neutral yet a very strong statement to consider.

What i'm telling is, we have changed? right? I don't think it's apt and smart to hold onto things that have been outdated or have better equivalents.

If that's not the case for you, then you really mustn't be even reading this article.

And if you agree, then read on...

I have a job, a very flexible one. Some other parent may not have it that easy, maybe? And i'm very focused on having a good career and also on establishing my own standpoints. You may exclaim i'm selfish?? I think not!

While i'm away at work or doing something,which doesn't let me spend as much time as i like with my child. I'm relying on sources to have him on par with today's world. I can't risk delaying my child's developmental milestones because i'm busy with something with else. That would be highly selfish of me. At such times, i can do nothing but rely hook,line and sinker with the technology proffered unto me.

I have a young 2.4 Year old baby and i know, how truly beneficial this has been for me. I'm grabbing everything that i can for the betterment of my child. The trick lies in how i present it to my child. Do i let him gorge anything he wants or Do i select the parental controls and keep a check on what he is taking in? The latter sounds better and much dapper for a child. I nourish him with technology and also with hand aka home made learning aids.I give him the luxury of social interactions with real people and not "Skype people". I'm trying to give him the best of both worlds.

For example...When he had learned his alphabets on the app,i made flashcards,strewed them across the house and told him to go find "Mr. A".He would successfully find "Mr. A" in all the 25 other alphabet buddies. So, you see technology needs YOU to follow up with it.

Now my son knows his ABC's, his numbers, the animal world, Colours, shapes, sizes, learning a few words of french now and has a great sensory and logic coordination too.**Mashaallah :) ** That is an achievement for me. Yes!! Would have i been able to do all this without technology?? I can vouch for a no. Yes, i coached him everything,but also gave him funwork to do. He had a bucket load of applications to make sure he understood what i coached him. He had these pre loaded songs, lots of color botches, Tracing apps and what not. A total saviour for me would be a gadget directed at young kids&their development.How nice would it be to have a gadget where,i don't need to be a constant hovering presence,can safely presume and be comforted that every little nuance of technology which is bad for my child has been stripped off.

The #CanvasTabby seems like a strongbox of an idea for toddlers, preschoolers and kids, and also seems like a dream come true for all parents.

Technology is what you make of it. If you are prone to being irresponsible,then congratulations...You have a Child who is addicted to the Gadget. And if you are going to be responsible, then Congratulations....You have a Child who is addicted to learning. People crib about how Technology has made kids dormant. It isn't the technology..FYI it's YOU who has done that.

It always starts with " Oh well!! He/She might as well have another 30 minutes on the PSP. I'll just take a nap by then,and put these little dudes and dudettes to bed" and such excuses.

You see, YOU are the real culprit behind it all. Learn to monitor the use. Learn to be adamant about how much time is allotted for the kid.Learn to choose what must be fed to the child,like if he/she is a little frail in maths,then give them apps loaded with fun way of decoding maths. Learn to be strict and a take a little longer mile by sacrificing whatever you are doing,and give that time to your kid. Encourage your kid in activities that keep him busy and keep his mind churning. Make him an addict to the LEARNING PARABOLE. Don't crib about how uninterested the child is about family,make him love family by adjusting the " REWARD AND MOTIVATION" modules. Have a " Family Time" EVERYDAY!! I can not stress how important this is.

Use and Exploit Technology for your good. There is a goldmine of Information out there and the only way you can reach that is through the grasps and clenches of technology. It would be such a waste to just bank on traditional methods of learning. Do you still think sticks&stones for counting would do you good? I'm thinking you are smart to say a no??The world's moving at a lightening speed and you need to stock up on your inventory to face it. An update is a must. In a world of disease breakthroughs and non invasive surgeries,the least you will need is the knowledge and the gizmo to bind it all. Hot irons and dwale's are a thing of the past.

Yes, technology has severed ties,but that's only because you let it creep to a point of addiction.

Yes, technology has made kids dormant,but that's only because you were busy with something else.

Yes, technology has made kids unabashed and corrupt,but that's only because you were too ignorant to see the starting signs.(And,yes..there are always signs)

Technology is a sword, use it to protect yourself or use it to cut yourself up. The caution lies in YOUR hands.

[My little tidbit on the start,shows you how technology can really take a bad detour,if you let it grow on you. It shows how unaware Rehana is about her mum and how helpless Arfa Begum feels. Had she controlled technology and it's usage,things could have been different]

So,give it a breather. Stop berating technology& its evils. You need to change your perspectives maybe.

p.s. This article has derived technology from the view point of kids and development & not the big picture. 

‘This article is an entry to the contest ‘Technology and my young Genius’ by Micromax Canvas Tabby. Click here to find out more about the Tabby

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