8 Tips to maintain proper water intake
|   Aug 11, 2015
8 Tips to maintain proper water intake

A normal adult body is made up of around 65% water which is necessary for survival. Next to air, water is most necessary for the survival. Every doctor suggests drinking enough water in a day. But how much is enough and how do we make sure that we are drinking enough water?

 These questions puzzles everyone and most of us remain curious about the amount of fluids they have taken throughout the day (Or at least most of the health conscious people wonder about food and water intake).

How much is enough?

As per most doctors, 8 into 8 rules apply when it comes to drinking water. It simply means that one should drink eight -8 ounce glasses of water which is approximately 2 litres of water. Then it also depends on one's lifestyle. Age factor is also considered. Athletes need more amount of water and so on.

Now, the biggest question is how to incorporate this wonderful and healthy habit of drinking sufficient water.

 How to know if we are drinking right form of water in sufficient quantity?

1) The golden rule is to drink water first thing in the morning. Start by drinking 1 or half glass of water and gradually increase it to 2 or 3 glasses of water. Water does wonders on an empty stomach. One can even add a dash of lemon to it which is again very beneficial for our body.

2) Carrying a water bottle along when one goes outside ensures that person keeps on drinking water at regular intervals. We don’t even have to look for water outside as it would be readily available with us and will keep us hydrated. In addition to it will minimize the risk of consuming potentially contaminated water from vendors outside which can be deadly too.

3) Some cool apps are available on smart phones which will remind you at regular intervals to hydrate yourself. Isn’t that the coolest thing on this earth?? Try waterlogged for iPhone or water your body app which is available in all android versions. 4) You can eat water too!!! One can hydrate himself with food which mainly constitutes of water such as, cucumbers, melons, watermelon, celery or clear soups. Isn’t that a tasty way to keep hydrated ... I am in :)

 5) Drinking water before a meal can help us to lose weight and this is proved too. Isn’t this enough to motivate us to drink more water!!!

 6) Alternate other beverages with water. Instead of sipping on soda, juices, ice tea, tea and coffee, try out flavoured water or opt for lassi which will cool down your body temperature too. You can make your own flavoured water too by adding watermelon or orange slices to water and refrigerating it for couple of hours.

7) Buying a water bottle every time is not a good idea in a long run. Instead invest in a good quality water purifier at home which will provide health benefits too.

8) Challenge yourself along with your friends. Have water drinking games in which the person who drinks maximum glasses of water wins. In the last I would say, motivate yourself to drink water. Read about various health benefits and how water transforms your body for good. Have daily targets to consume water and at the end of the day reward yourself for completing the target. Reward may be to drink another glass of tasty fruit flavoured water. :) #pureit #waterandhealth

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