Benefits of High Chair for Babies
|   Nov 24, 2015
Benefits of High Chair for Babies

 Situation 1

Me: Aariv, Its dinner time!

 Aariv: Mom, I am driving my bicycle. I will finish one round and then I will have one bite.


Aariv: Mom, I want your phone to play a game and watch videos.

Me: I will give you only if you eat your meal alongside (Me acting as an opportunist)


Me: Aariv, Finish your lunch.

Aariv: I don’t want to have.

Me: Don’t you want to go out to the park in the evening?

Aariv: I am Hungry Mom, Feed me!!


You will hear most of these conversations at my home during breakfast, Lunch and dinner time. And along with that, I have to feed my 4 year old son by my own hands. Yes, I feel Horrible doing this. I want him to be self independent and at least he should have his meals on his own. At this point of time, I understand and value the idea of using high chair as soon as the baby starts to learn to sit properly.

I so much wish, I had used high chair to make my baby learn to eat on his own and be independent. Some of the benefits of high chair are:

1) Self dependence: Child learns to eat on his own and independent. I personally love this idea of placing the baby's meal on his high chair in front of him and let him do the feeding himself. It will actually encourage him to try out everything in front of him and he will enjoy having food on his own. 

2) Early exposure: When baby is placed on his high chair at dinner along with all the family members at the table, He will be exposed to all kinds of food. He will get fascinated by lot of variety of food at the table. Children learn to eat food they are exposed to. And if we offer them a variety of food at the dining table, his taste buds will expand and he will enjoy being a part of family meal time.

3) Self Discipline: Often babies know when they are full and when they want more to eat. But this quality is often lost when we as mothers push babies to finish off their meal.  If we allow baby to have meal on his own, they will develop self regulation and will let the child learn by himself to finish their meal.

So, it’s a good idea to let the child sit on a high chair and be independent and join family meal time which will actually help him to improve his social skills too.


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