Hey MOM ---- Are you Guilt Free ???
|   Jul 23, 2014
Hey MOM ---- Are you Guilt Free ???
Its been a while I wrote and my heart is full of emotions which I want to take out. So much happened in the last one month, I was emotionally drenched out, bothering about every piece of sand. And on top of it, I had to control and fake out in front of my lil son  who understands my every face expression now. :)
And it was the same old story. I dont want to sit at home. I want to go out and work and create my identity again. And I had my own reasons to support my ideology. Afterall, my son has started playschool. Its the perfect time to join back work. And my dear husband was all there to support me to get my wished job.  I had the joining letter and was supposed to join back work. All seemed such a fairy tale to me. And then BOOM.....  I am shaken aback to reality. Am I really prepared to leave my son in the hands of Daycare for full 10 hours everyday. IS THAT JOB REALLY MY PRIORITY ?
Yes, its all about our priorities.  Self independence is really important to me but working fulltime was never a priority over my SON. 
Pepsico owner Mrs Nooyi said that women cant have it all and it became one of the bigest debate topic among us. Many of us continued to disagree with her and some even agreed with her. But what I understand from all of this discussion is that its all about our priorities and life situations.  I have seen mothers who are living in joint families and still they are not going to work outside because caring for their child gives them more satisfaction and there are moms who inspite of living in nuclear families are able to maintain a work life balance  better that most of us and still take care of their child.  And this is because they are guiltfree of whatever they are doing, and no matter how they are managing everything from home to work.
I am really proud of  all those women who are even working as fulltime mommies and dont feel guilty of leaving their wonderful careers behind.
Its all about our priorities. And I understood this when I had chance to join back work. Leaving my child at daycare and and going to office was never my priority. I would have filled my heart with guilt if had gone to join office this way. So I continued to work as an Online english trainer and manage my own time and take care of my child and see him doing silly things everday.    And yes, I am Guiltfree. :)

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