How I introduced books and stories to my baby
|   Oct 08, 2015
How I introduced books and stories to my baby

One fine day when my husband had just left for office and I had put my 2 year old boy to an afternoon nap, I opened up my laptop to browse internet and catch up with some unread emails. Though, now my mailbox was always full with subscriptions from all these mommy websites sharing everything related to babies. As I was going through the emails, I came across this one email from Oxford bookstore inviting me along with my baby for a storytelling session. And I was as excited as a little girl, dancing with joy and thrilled to expose my baby to such an atmosphere. To be honest, I got to know about such kind of storytelling sessions for the first time. I argued with my husband who did not want me to go as he only believed the theory that babies don’t understand anything. But I was as curious to see how a small baby, who is not even 2 years yet, would respond in such kind of environment. And I was right. He showed the same excitement and was equally delighted to see funny faces made by story teller there. She was such a charming lady and attracted babies to herself by her oh so expressive gestures. She read out a monkey story to the kids with such interactive expressions and ended the session by letting the kids do a simple craft activity.

Well this was not the first time that I introduced stories or books to my kid. When he was 2 months old, I got him a rhymes book with lovely pictures and big fonts and such bright colors. And yes, he was equally excited and showed it in his own way. Of course, rest of the family thought I have gone mad :)

Then there was another instance when we went to a mall on a weekend and we happened to pass by a book store. As I am always fascinated by books, so I just have to go and have a look inside if I come across a book store or maybe a person selling novels at a traffic signal. So I along with my husband and a dear friend went inside and as I was checking out some books, my husband along with my friend was playing with Aariv. And then I caught him going towards kids section again and again. I immediately saw an emerging interest in those colorful books for kids which attracted him so much.  So here I go. I took him to the kids section and he was amazed and delighted to see those beautiful popup books. It fascinated him to see those colorful pictures popping up straight as he was flipping the pages. 

He always brings those small pocket books with thick pages and would sit with me and asking me to read out from the book and I immensely enjoy reading it out to him. Now he has started his Preschool and goes to nursery and everyday he brings out his alphabet book, EVSbook and even math’s book and I read out all pictures to him.

Being a book lover myself, I love to see my kid developing interest in books of his choice and yes it was a conscious decision of mine to expose him to new and interesting books and stories which is definitely going to help him grow holistically and intellectually.



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