Just One Initiative...... Towards my Happiness!!!
|   Feb 12, 2016
Just One Initiative...... Towards my Happiness!!!

As we say, the way to happiness is within us. We just need to realize it, tap it and just be happy. Being an almost stay at home mum (Sometimes I do Freelancing), I am always looking for a change in my life. I want to do this, do that etc etc.  Honestly, I love changes in my life. Just being at home is not my cup of tea. I just don’t believe anyone who says that they are content in life. It’s just that we don’t let our wishes and desires come out. And because we don’t speak up what we want to do, we become restless not knowing the reason behind that.

Lately, I have been regretting and complaining a lot. You know, low phases come and go!! I would stay at home all day long and at the end of the day, I would be again doing my nowadays favourite thing - Complaining about my life.  And I happened to realize it when I was fed up and actually afraid and nervous after seeing my 4 year old on the Phone and laptop all day long. He was eating, playing, running, sleeping Doraemon. He would come back home from school and go straight to switch on the TV or would pick up my phone to watch it on YouTube. He would agree to have his lunch or dinner only if I allowed him to watch his favourite videos while eating. To be real honest, I didn’t realize the ill effects, though I knew what was happening was not right and that was not how I wished to raise my kid. But I kept on accepting his tantrums just because I was able to feed him food and make him do his own tasks.  Aaaahhh... But somewhere inside, my heart and brain were poking me.

Only thing required was just one initiative from my end, just one attitude change from my side. And trust me, just with a single step forward, I witnessed a change around me. I indulged him in colouring activities, used the phrases "time up", got his bicycle fixed which was pending since long and took him to a nearby park for a bicycle ride. I could see that he was not showing any tantrums and was okay if I wasn't letting him watch his favourite cartoon. Only because I took a step further and exposed him to various other things which he does enjoy.

In order to take him for an evening ride on the Bicycle, a major change happened in me. While he rode his bicycle, I started to jog. And now I crave to go to the park every evening and feel good after coming back home wherein I am all sweaty. But I feel good about myself.  Every day I think, I just think or rather dream to go to my favourite book store in the first half of the day and spend an hour or two, immersed in my favourite books all alone.

So, it’s all about one initiative, just one step further which actually holds the potential to change our lives for better. And if we are happy, our life and family will be happier.





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