My lil boy turns three
|   Nov 20, 2014
My lil boy turns three

Its been a long time I wrote something. Not my mistake !! I was too occupied with the preparations for my kiddo's birthday. In addition to that my sister's wedding is approaching fast early next month. So, now you can imagine how I am doing up all the tasks and running here and there for shopping.  Now I feel at peace when I am sitting and relaxing this sunny afternoon and doing my favourite and most therapeutic activity--- Writing.

I had started to plan about the birthday celebrations a while ago. And when I visited sadar bazaar in delhi, nothing could stop me. I got each kind of party decoration, themed cup plates for kids, balloons, return gifts and what not. I was so much excited and had planned so many activities there and then while purchasing some really cool stuff. I got a different gold coloured hat for the birthday boy.

I was equally excited for the birthday cake. This time I planned mcqueen theme and decided to get a cake based on theme of cars, Aariv just love cars (Not surprising for boys !!). I had to convince the bakery guy to prepare the cake as it was in the picture brought by me (I googled the image ). He wanted to make some changes but the sturdy me. I wanted exactly the same. but we both had to compromise at last and finally we arrived at a mutual decision and hence the order.

Now  because I had planned th  party at 4 in the evening, so I carefully planned the menu with some interesting snacks and ordered everything from outside. I too wanted to enjoy my boy's birthday party rather than being busy in the kitchen, you see !!

Now came the time to cut the birthday cake. Everything was in place as planned. All the decorations were as per my blueprint. Snacks were there. Goodies for kids were decorated on the table. And Boooooooooom.

Aariv refused to cut the birthday cake.......... He just got scared of all the fancy musical candles on the cake and in addition to that he just didnot wanted to stand in the middle of crowd.  Aaaaahhh. ouch. And here me and his dad cut the cake.

Kids are so unpredictable. Its not like that I had not expected this. Aariv being a shy kid who doesnt open up infront of a large group of people behaved just like that on his own birthday. It seemed that on his birthday, I was more excited than him.

And when most of the guests had gone back, it was time to open his gifts. We kept all the gift near aariv and yes he showed some interest. Thank god, he showed some normal traits on his birthday. He tore away the gift wrappers with a much enthusiasm and then we got a chance to click some really nice and natural pics of him which came out really well.

So, this was the whole scenario on his birthday which was overall an enjoyable day.

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