Want to buy every toy in store to your little one ??? Why not rent it ?
|   Oct 17, 2015
Want to buy every toy in store to your little one ??? Why not rent it ?
Colorful toys do bring a smile on kid's innocent faces and and help kids in exploring this beautiful world. Which parents don't want to give best of everything to their little angels? Every time we go to a toy store, we can see the shine on kid's eyes of liking and wanting every toy on the shelf. And in today's competitive world with latest technological advancement, there are so many wonderful developmental toys available. And they are such a wonderful tool for the overall development of children. And whether parents like it or not, they end up buying them for the sake of children. 

But over a period of time, we see our house cluttered with all different kind of toys in which children have lost their attention. Some of them end up being destroyed by our little champions or some being threw away and some thoughtful parents end up giving the old toys to the children in need like their servant's child (which is no doubt a very good initiative). However, ultimately toys are being thrown away and thus wastage of money and our added contribution to carbon footprints.
Isn't that great if we could rent out the toys for a fixed periodic expense and get new toys after every fixed period of time. Its a great idea to cut down on the expenses on toys and yes, most importantly, reduce out kid's carbon footprints. There are many toy libraries available nowadays which allow you to rent a toy, use it and then exchange it for an another new toy.

This wonderful idea works on a very simple concept and that is:
1) Register with any toy library you like around you.
2) Choose a membership plan.
3) Browse through the toy catalogue and choose the toy u wish to rent
4) Place an order and receive the toy at your doorstep.

Most of the companies deliever and pick up the toys from your doorstep..

It a wonderful ecofriendly concept of sharing toys and help to avoid any clutter in your house with time.
And yes, it allows you to hire more expensive toys which otherwise you will not consider buying.

Some of the websites to find toy libraries in Delhi-NCR are:
1) www.yourtoylibrary.com
2) www.rentmetoy.com
3) www.ecowayz.in

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