5 Ways To Make Homework Interesting
|   Apr 15, 2015
5 Ways To Make Homework Interesting

Homework. That’s the one word that fills most kids with disgust. In their minds, homework is something that is boring, dull and unexciting. What if we changed that? What if your kids thought of homework as another interesting thing to do? Don’t believe us? Read on…

1)  Incorporating jokes into homework

Everybody loves a laugh. Especially children! What if Trigonometry was served with jokes? Wouldn’t they have a blast doing their homework?

2)  Turning homework into an enjoyable game

If there’s one universal fact, it is that kids love games! That’s because they love enjoying themselves doing whatever it is that they’re doing. If homework was a game, kids would line up to do homework. That means no more punishments in class!

3)  Animated interface to do homework

If you have are a parent you know what cartoons are for kids. Kids have cartoons for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What we’re telling you is that they could also have cartoons for homework. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

4)  Freedom to do homework the way they like

Every child has his/her own creativity which they try to articulate all the time. But in the present education system, this creativity is ignored. Anyway what we’re saying is that if kids had the freedom to do their homework the way they wanted to, homework wouldn’t seem so bad.

5)  Integrating homework with enjoyable poetry

Kids remember better when they are reading something that has a rhythm to it. Poetry, with all its rhyming is something kids very much enjoy. It encourages them to express their creativity and imagination too!

We at LaughGuru feel that these changes MUST be incorporated. It is every parent’s duty to see to it that their kids are studying in an education system that they enjoy. Kids are the future of the world after all. Don’t we owe them that?

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