Fun and learn
|   Dec 14, 2016
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Fun and learn

I am a stay at home mother and a mompreneur. To say that I have really busy days would be an understatement. My days are either tough or difficult, no other adjectives define them. Having said that each day is filled with lots of happy and warm moments. My house is filled with laughter and tons of naughtiness, courtesy my ever enthusiastic boys. Both my boys are of course similarly naughty but in personality they are as different as chalk and cheese. One of my toughest jobs as a mom is to figure out completely different ways to make them learn things. Since they were quite young, both have had almost zero attention span but also completely different areas of interest. And as a parent I had taken a conscious decision to never force them into any thing (in hindsight maybe NEVER was a strong word). I sometimes do end up forcing them into doing a few things that they absolutely dislike (like brushing their teeth or making their bed). But for most of the things, I have been able to keep my promise. One of our most loved thing to do together is to go for a daily walk in our garden. We do that daily. They spend sometime with me before running off and playing with their friends. That's the time when we talk about a lot of things. We are lucky to be surrounded by greenery, so my elder one wants to learn about all the trees we have, their name, their stories (yes, all of them have stories. Some grow quickly, some don't. Some welcome birds, some don't, some blossom some don't) Both he and I love talking about the trees. We have given them names, we know when would shed leaves and when they would blossom. On the other hand, my 4 year old loves every kind of insect we can find. He only wants to talk about them. We get snails etc all year round. He loves to pick them up and ask million questions. Now, I am really not into insects, snails etc. So I Google. He knows I don't know everything, so whatever i can't Google then and there, we take notes and we sit together on Sundays and read on it.

These nature walks are just one of the things that we do together. There are so many other things, like we have alphabet games for my younger one. My elder one and I hide alphabet cards around the house for my younger one to find. With each card he gets a clue for the next. That's something we play all the time.

For my elder one, we have a spelling dance game. He and I alternatively take turns to spell words while dancing. We dance till we know the spellings. The one with longest duration wins.

There is many such games and tricks we do in our house. One of the things we do is cook together, just like here

Every day is filled with so much laughter and so many adventures. It does drain me physically and emotionally but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Image Credit: ModernMom

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