Mommy Battles
|   May 10, 2017
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Mommy Battles

 I still remember as a new mom when my older one had coughed the very first time. It was a nightmare for me. I noticed it late at night and of course worried about it the whole night. He was just over a month old and this was his first illness. We ran to the doctor first thing in the morning. I had covered him from head to toe. Boy, the scolding I got from the doctor! It seems he had nothing, just a normal blocked nose which most of the newborns suffer from and his continuous crying was because he was too hot. I had not left an inch on his body uncovered. That day I realized what my mom meant when she had said you will understand when you become a mom. All those mornings when she forced upon me those extra layers of sweaters or those extra cups of soups were playing in front of my eyes. I also realised no way I was the chilled out mom I was planning to be. And Hence started the battle of heart vs. logic!

It has been years of doing the parenting game. I have two kids now but nothing has changed. I still wash all their dishes separately after the household help does it. I still wash their laundry separately. I started their separate routine of things when they were young and most of it is still continuing. Like they do eat what is cooked for everyone but of course the spice level is adjusted for them. I am trying to gradually build their palate for Indian spice level and I can see it is changing. On one hand I am glad they are growing up and on the other hand I can sense a lot of things going out of my control. I still worry when they sneeze or cough, the only difference is, I don’t panic. I know what to do but that doesn’t take the worry away. It doesn’t matter how many times I sterilized their bottles, toys etc. (I did that a record number of times), they still got every kind of infection. They still fell sick but that hasn’t stopped me from trying. Since they are growing up now, I can’t control many things that I could earlier but I do try.

As a parent I am all set for a lifetime of worry and heartbreak. You would think a break up would be tough to take, till you see your little one sick or till you see your little one with a broken heart. It is only in these years as a mother I have realized how fragile my heart is and also how strong my heart is. It breaks every time their heart breaks and it stands strong doesn’t matter how tough the situation is because as a mother you can’t give up. There are those little eyes looking up to you; you work around your broken heart and you hold your head high under any circumstance. And gear up for a lifetime of mommy battles!

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