Summers: Time To Learn And Unlearn!
|   Apr 27, 2016
Summers: Time To Learn And Unlearn!

Summers are knocking on the door and so are the vacations. My 7 year old has about 10 more days to go before the vacations start. Every year I look forward to these months. It is awesome to have free days, days without schedules. Like every year I had planned to do absolutely nothing this year during the vacations; we sleep late, get up late and generally spend the whole day lazing around and having fun. I thought that’s what my son wants too but yesterday morning he came and gave me a huge list of things he wants to do in the next 1.5 months. I realised my months of late morning slumber were over.

The first thing on his list is morning walks. This is something that he has been asking me forever and I have been avoiding it but this time I was stuck and I knew there was no way of getting out of it. So we decided to do a trial run today morning. We were up and about by 6 am. It was still dark and we were welcomed by a gentle cold breeze.

We walked for a few minutes but he quickly got bored of the walk and started to run. It was heart warming to see him run without any worry in the world and then we ran like kids. He was following me initially and then quickly enough he went pass me. We were running and laughing like crazy. Of course I was panting within few minutes, so I found a corner and sat down. He was still running around. I decided to let him be for some-time. Soon the sky started changing color. My outspoken 7 year old was a bit dumbstruck by the gorgeous morning sky. It was gradually changing color and turning orange from blue. We could hear the birds chirping. He came and sat down for a quick chat. He had tons of questions like how is sky turning orange?  Where are the birds going? Are the birds happy? Why are they singing? Don’t they go to school? How do they learn? Why do they not wear clothes?

Not only was he asking questions but he was also patiently waiting for me to finish my replies. This was different than his normal hyperactive self. Under normal circumstances he doesn’t have the patience to let the other person talk too much; he wants to talk; he wants to question and he wants to answer. But he was totally mellowed down today. Even his trade mark frown was replaced by a tiny smile. I realised how much he was in love with the nature. I was even silently kicking myself for not doing this earlier. We spent good one hour just sitting and talking about birds, clouds, sky, trees, basically everything about nature. I was surprised by how much he already knew and I think he was shocked by how much Mother Nature is providing for us.

He couldn’t stop talking about his walk all through the morning and even after coming back from school. So now we have added a lot of things related to nature in our list. Next on the list is our small kitchen garden. We will be planting some herbs and vegetables together. My cleanliness freak 7 year old can’t wait to get his hands in mud. The mother in me is excited to see him in love with nature, to watch him live khulke. That is what bachpan should be; just like how we grew up; close to nature, down and dirty, and ofcourse khulke jeena!

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