The Magical World Of Stories
|   Jul 08, 2016
The Magical World Of Stories

As a mother of two young boys my life is never boring. It is always full of action and adventure. The only time both of them normally settle down and talk to me, is during their bedtime. We have a routine that we have been following for years: Bath, Dinner, Brush and Stories. Of course the most awaited time is the story time. It has been years since I have been sitting down next to them and narrating a story. These stories are sometimes through the books but most of the times they come from the imaginary world of my brains. Initially it was only me who would tell the story but through the last few years, my 7 years old has started taking over. Now we take turns, it’s his turn on the weekends and it’s mine on school days (I keep it short and sweet, as compared to him who goes on and on)

Last weekend while browsing through a departmental store we picked up a pack of Colgate toothpaste. The pack immediately attracted both my sons. My elder one (7 years) read it out to my younger one. I looked at both of them talking and this was the first time I saw my 4 year old actively trying to be a part of a story. My elder one had started narrating a story about a whale and an octopus. My 4 year old was jumping up and down since he had just recently learnt about the octopus. Though the mom in me wanted them to go on and on, but we did have to come back home. So I had to cut it short. While driving back home, I told them to think of an interesting story based on sea creatures for our bedtime routine (the amount of excited voices in the car after that could have stopped the traffic, if not for the covered windows)

That night during bedtime, both of them took over the story time. They not only narrated it, they played the characters too. They were seahorses, turtles, fish and what not. My younger one learnt about at least 10 different sea creatures that day (Of course now they want to buy all the packs available with this packaging!)

That day inspired us to turn one day of each month as a theater day. We have decided to encourage our kids to come up with their own stories on different themes every month and create a short play around it. The first theater day is coming soon and I can see how one story is getting weaved into another; how their imagination is giving way to more imagination; how magically more character are being born and how magically they are learning without even trying to learn.

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