|   Jul 30, 2013

Seeing those rosy cheeks, shimmery eyes and the sheer pink lips, dancing in the glittery costume brought a different kind of happiness to my heart--deep contentment unknown to me some years ago..

My little girl has been performing in school for 3-4years now but for the first time I saw her up and close where she was more than happy to be performing for me with that billion dollar smile reflecting confidence and abundance of happiness..

Each time u see your child perform I’m sure for all parents it’s like the first time only. What amazes me that in each time I have been seeing her I see her grow so much even though I’m with her 24*7 .She is a different growing individual at that time who is creating her own space with her efforts and talent.

I’m a mom who like any ordinary mother feels her child has immense talent and potential but needs that little push (ok at times I might be too pushy for her…but that I blame on my mommy hormone as I call it..) but as I see her now on that platform opening herself to the outer world, taking those tiny steps, I’m more proud of her as it’s her own willingness and effort.

 I believe that the best Gurukul for a parent is his/her own child and it’s a never ending journey. I wish this journey upon everyone.

Life is passing by for each one of us in such a haze, that we have forgotten the simple joys of life. But when such moments happen one needs to just sit back and take them in and let the feeling sink in. The most treasured and beautiful memories are always created in the smallest and simplest moments of life—so gather them.

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